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Why choose us

The beginning of any successful relationship should commence with a detailed discussion about your key issues and challenges. Only then will Exact Group effectively respond with a tailored solution. That tailored solution will be delivered as a product of having the culture, people, tools and worth to do the job.

This is our motto - "Honesty and Quality is our main Priority”. We work in a spirit of partnership with our clients with a shared goal of increasing efficiency and profitability.

Naturally we aim to be the best in our craft, in each of our single service disciplines. Our industry knowledge, depth of experience and technical expertise allows us to deliver customized solutions ensuring real value. Our role is to add value to client operations and support client success.

We seek long-term relationships with our clients. Often by starting with a single service but over time it is not unusual that the commercial relationship extends to an integrated services package.

Exact Group has developed its own proprietary systems to support our Services and Building objectives. These are our distinctive competitive advantage, given they are robust real life, proven and hardened technologies.

Our goal: a seamless transition

Exact Group has managed transition programs in a variety of market sectors for a wide range of clients. In many instances, the transition process has involved large numbers of employees, multi-disciplined activities and sensitive industrial relations issues.

We work to fully understand your unique requirements enabling our committed project team and support staff to deliver a smooth and rapid transition from current operations to Exact at the chosen site.

Throughout the transition phase our goals will be -

  • Appropriate implementation of new and existing equipment and systems.
  • Open communication of all appropriate and relevant information between Exact and your company.
  • Minimising risk to the company.
  • Implementation of a joint communication strategy.


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