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Our commitment


Exact Group is committed to quality. Quality is as much an attitude and a culture. It is more than a set of folders and programmes

Evidence of our commitment to quality is that we maintain effective long-term relationships with clients. Most of our commercial clients have been with us for more than a decade with our residential clients for more than ten decades.

Our client’s retention rate is over 95% which is remarkable when you consider the list of clients we have.

Naturally, we also have in place documented quality management procedures to cover the performance of products and services in our operations.

Operating Goals

  • Conduct all corporate relationships according to the highest moral and ethical standards.
  • Seek long term relationships with our clients, based upon quality of service, not on lowest price.
  • Continue to improve the quality of service to all of our clients.
  • Establish and retain a high skilled work force using high standards of selection.
  • Respect the dignity, rights and contributions of our employees and ensure equal opportunity and affirmative action at all staffing levels.
  • Continue to improve the workplace environment.


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