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Our people are proud to work for Exact Group. We are one of Sydney’s biggest leading companies in the Services and Building industries with over 30 years experience.

At Exact Group, our people are vital. They are the key to a successful relationship with our clients. Our Staff cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week shifts in a range of environments.

We recognize that every one of our employees contributes to the reputation and performance that Exact Group enjoys as a market leader. Our strength is founded in the knowledge, skills, work ethic and energy of our people.

We know recruitment, we know training and we know how to foster an environment of self-development to ensure that our people are skilled in their work and are responsive to the needs of our clients.

Our clients often comment about the consistency in our service delivery. The key to delivering consistency is to start on the right footing. Carefully tailored mobilization plans ensure a seamless integration of committed, well-trained and responsive Exact Group people into relevant levels of our clients business.

Thereafter, it is about listening and learning. You cannot plan that- it is just inherent in our culture.



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